Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Libby's Mystery Quilt -Block 6

I have just finished block 6.... I have been a bit slow keeping up with my blocks but I am slowly get through them... I am having a Love/hate relationship with this quilt.   I love how it is looking but I am not having fun stitching them...  Anyhow this is how it is looking so far..

A closer look..

I still have some buttons and a ribbon to add but I will do that after I have quilted it ...
Woohoo, six down and three to go.... Just keep sewing, just keep sewing...
That's all for me.  Cya later.  


  1. Well done....I knew you would get there....only 3 to go.

  2. This is looking so wonderful, you must be thrilled.

  3. very pretty..... it will be worth it when you have a lovely quilt to show off...