Saturday, 16 August 2014

Road trip to Hervey Bay

A spare of the moment decision yesterday has me waking up this morning in Hervey Bay.   
First one must pack bags...
Mmm...ok you can come too....
We stopped for morning tea near Gympie, a stretch of the legs and a little look around.  Maci thought our road trip was great, if  
She was not looking out the windows then she was sleeping on the seats or on someone's lap.
Here she is - asleep again...
My spidey senses started tingling as soon as we drove into Hervey Bay...The
Dew Drop Inn was close, I could feel the pull - should I go there?
Yes I think I should.. 
I took one photo of inside, sorry about that, too busy fondling fabric.
I did make a purchase or two but all in all I think I was very well behaved.
Last night I missed the opening of a swap for an on-line group, Friends In Stitching, but I did remember to bring it with me so I will open it today..
I have heard of a great shop in Howard so I plan on doing a little exploring today to see if I can find it...
That's all for today, not use to blogging from my phone, it takes me ages to type 

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