Saturday, 28 June 2014

It's Time For Christmas

I know I am a little late get this quilt finished by about 6 months but you could look at it this way, I could be a little early - by about 6 months....depends if you are a kinda - glass half empty or full - type of person...
I am going with the 6 months early....
Wow how early am I getting some of my christmas sewing out of the way already.. and I have heaps of time to do some more projects before christmas gets here....
I did have a little help along the way...
 I was trying to sew the binding on my quilt but someone had other ideas.   Maci got around the back of my sewing machine and climbed through the folded quilt.   She then proceeded to act as if she was there to stay with a little preening....
Now this could be another example of the -glass half empty or full - again...I like to think of it as helping, how I have no idea but it's finished now...
 My quilt finished, didn't take me long at all to complete (ok little white lie
 Boy does time fly.  On Monday I am going on retreat with some of the girls and I thought that it would be a good idea to clean my machine as prep-work for the retreat....Just look how much lint I may be thinking that I have never cleaned my machine but I do - honestly - it just seems to build up very quickly or I just do a lot of sewing between cleaning...
 I have packed all the important things first ....machine - check........sewing projects - check......
Well that's it for me....I hope you all have a fabulous week, I will catch up with blogland as soon as I get back....cheers...xx


  1. Well you are definitely packed EARLY! its only Saturday you know...Your Christmas Quilt is finished early nof course.

  2. Wow Sandi this quilt is awesome ,I love it well done and love your little cute helper,lol and hope you have a lovely time with your friends.xx

  3. definitely 6 months great.......

    have a great time away..........

  4. oh and no surprise visitors this year..........

  5. With Chooky you are 6months early with your gorgeous quilt.
    Hmm lots of lint. Nice to have it clean for your retreat. Have fun

  6. Beautiful quilt Sandi. Have fun at retreat. Hugs,xx

  7. well done on a beautiful quilt finish... have fun on retreat... of course you will!!

  8. Love your quilt. Have fun at your retreat, as if I need to say that LOL. Hugs.....

  9. Absolutely beautiful quilt. Little Laci is such a cutie

  10. Is that all you are taking????

  11. Your quilt is so beautiful - congratulations on the finish! You are definitely in time for this Christmas! Hope you have fun at retreat.

  12. What a neat little pile of things to take! Emphasis on little!