Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I Have Done It Again...

Yep you heard right...I have weakened once again....mind you - I think I would have had a better chance of resisting any temptations if it wasn't for one of my friends , whom I might also add, could have controlled herself more and set a example to me on how to be strong...
You see, this certain friend, (No names of course - yet), signed up for the new Libby Richardson's Block of the Month - Libby's Mystery Quilt, and you know what that means, I just HAD to follow suit....
Now this person knows I have no self control when it come to pretty quilts and it doesn't take much to get me to part with my money.. You would think she would be more considerate...
Oh alright - I forgive you...after all - it is gorgeous and I can't wait to do more blocks....and I am sure I will find somewhere to put it (stop laughing)
So here is my first block....
 You see, I did say it was pretty...and here is a close up of the teddy....
She is so cute, with little gold glasses and a little could anyone resist...
Thank you friend for showing no self-control - cause without you I might not be doing such a pretty quilt...
That's folks....


  1. oh Sandi this is so cute,lol i bet it was Helen that was the influence,lol.xx

  2. Very cute. Terrible friends who have bad influence on us as i've just had similar happen to me. lol. Hugs, xx

  3. Other people can only lead you to the water - they cannot force feed you!!! You will just have to take some responsibility!! LOL

    Very gorgeous project

  4. I agree with you Susan, its not my fault if she is so easily led but it is a quilt that is hard to resist.

    yes Shez it is me .....she is soooo week.... you must be too Jeanette.


  5. I too have put my name down for this BOM. Can`t wait for mine to come after seeing yours. Not sure that I get the lace so may need to hunt around for some nice pieces.

  6. Funny, my first thought was Helen too. Impossible to resist such a pretty quilt.

  7. Such a lovely teddy block!


  8. It is so gorgeous, Sandi, and I can understand that you couldnt resist when your friend led you astray.

  9. I just love that bear it's beautiful