Friday, 11 April 2014

Should My Heading Be - Easter or Christmas??

Easter is coming and I have probably thought about it once or twice in the past week, but this morning I woke feeling all I felt compelled to make something for this - fairly close - occasion.
I found some cream textured fabric bought when I was on retreat at Glenrose, and some pretty ribbon I have been holding onto for a special project and made these bunnies...
 I love the pink ribbon that I used for this project, it has a rose print on it, wish I had bought lots more of it...
Now you may be asking why is Christmas showing its face on this post, well you see I bought this magazine a little while ago and it had so many lovely pages in it that I just had to start one of the projects in it.   After all Christmas is 8 months away...hehehe sorry couldn't help
 The project I chose to do first was a Natalie Bird wall hanging - Deck The Halls...this (if you can see it) is Natalie's version of it....
 And here is my version of it...
I have had this frame hanging around for ages and liked the idea of hand quilting the background...sorry about the glare, I don't usually put the glass back into the frames that hold stitcheries but this time I thought I would, hence the glare on my photo....
I love how it has turned out, now where is that mag, might have to chose another Christmas project...bye all...xx


  1. very cute bunnies - do love the white fabric. also love anything Natalie bird

  2. Am Loving Them Bunnies Gorgeous Fabric

  3. Gorgeous bunnies. Love the fabric. Love your Natalie Bird hanging. Hugs,xx