Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Please present all bags for checking on departure...

The Tuesday Girls got together at my place today and as a special treat I let them meet my new little baby...Maci Grey (Maci for short)...
Teresa took only a hundred photos today of Maci...she is looking very contented here sitting on her lap....
 Time to check out Teresa's bag....
MMM Still in the bag, might need to check she is not in here when Teresa goes home.
 Well hello Helen, why haven't you pick my up today...everyone else has given me cuddles and pats, it's your turn....don't I look cute and cuddly...come on lady,,,dish up the niceties.....lol
 The girls thought we just had to share this photo with everyone...can you tell what is under Helen's
waterbottle....could it be a fancy mug rug....(or a folded facewasher..lol).   Helen has been telling everyone how much she just loves mug rugs, so I am thinking it is time for her to get maybe a proper one....especially after confessing she does not own any.....so sad....lol
Well that's it for today....need to check to see if Maci is still in the house....
Catchya all later ....


  1. ha ha ha.... I'm still talking about her..... so cute xx

  2. LOL - I can almost hear Helen - "oh you think you are too cute?? well u are staying on the floor!"
    Helen would probably love a mug rug with a photo of Maci on nit???

  3. Yeah, you had better keep an eye on that Teresa by the sounds of it. Cute kitty name too!
    A Mug Rug for Helen... yes! Sounds like a plan!

  4. Little Maci is a real cutie pie.