Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Christmas Story and a catch up...

First of all - A Christmas Story by Anni Downs....It is finished...
I spent yesterday pinning it in preparation for our up and coming retreat but after I finished doing
this I figured - why not finish it??? and so I did...
Not the greatest photo but I did take a couple of close ups...

This is the label I put on the back...
 I have been meaning for some time to make a new sewing mat, my old one was looking tired and boring...this is my new one - I have sewn the binding in a brown colour - can you guess why?
Nope - alright then I will tell you....Well it is something like this...Roses are my favourite flower as represented in the fabric and brown reminds me of I will refer to it as my Valentine Mat - Chocolate and Roses..
 Now you cannot have a new matt without a new cover to match, well to tell the truth, I didn't have a cover on my machine at all...unless you can count the dust (Dust cover - lol).
 Some of you might know that I am a member of an on-line sewing group - Friends In Stitching, and the members are scattered all over Australia.  So you can imagine how much fun it is to meet
one of the members in person..Vicki and her husband were visiting Brisbane last week and some of us had the chance to meet up for lunch..
From left to right - me, De, Greg, Glenn, Gavan, Helen and Vicki...
We had a wonderful day with lots of chatter and yummy food.  
There are 22 very clever and creative members of this group and this is my second year with them.  Three of The Tuesday Girls (my regular sewing group) are members and to be lucky enough to meet some of the others is a bonus....and to meet two of them, Lynda and Vicki,  a week apart is just brilliant..
Now its time to say goodbye, I will catch you all later...


  1. Boy oh boy you are going well ...... we did have a good day.

    Great start for your Christmas projects.


  2. You have been busy!! Love the new sewing mat and machine cover!

  3. boy Sandi you are on a roll ,love your finishes,you are a clever cookie and always great to meet your blogging friends.xx

  4. A Christmas Story is beautiful - I love the bright, fresh colours. Such a pretty sewing matt and cover. I'm sure you'll find plenty to do at the retreat - lots of chocolates and sweets to be tasted?

  5. Love your machine set...very pretty. Christmas Story looks fabulous..

  6. Oh this wonderful Christmas Story quilt! Congratulations on your finish!
    Beautiful outfit for your sewing machine!