Sunday, 19 January 2014

McKenna Ryan Stitch--a-long

I have finished my first McKenna Ryan pattern...Munch A Bunch, or as I call it...the goat...
Can you see   and that's as close as I want anyone to get....I have learnt two things while doing this project..
1.  I need more different coloured threads..
2:  I suck at raw edge applique...
Maybe I am dyslexic because my mind was tell my hands where I wanted the needle to go and my hands were having no part of this...maybe my hands are just plain stubborn and wont listen to me...
I am looking at this photo thinking - wow my house looks really empty but believe me it is not...we have been painting the inside of the house and this just happen to be a spot where I could hang this up...not to mention it is way down a hall where no one can have a closer look...mmm might leave it there...
 Oww all right I will give you a closer, but just this once....
 Alright I am now feeling a little get fie seconds to look closer but thats must look away after that......oh and I am not silly, I did choose a - not to bad - area to take a close
Being part of this group is so good because this pattern would still be sitting, collecting dust, waiting for me to drag it out and put it back again....
I have been inspired to give it a go, and besides, someone in the group (no names of course) is threatening me with a whip if I don't keep I had better do what I am
Ok thats it for me...
I told you to stop looking at my stitching....look away  - NOW...


  1. Sandi i think you have done an awesome job and that it looks fantastic,well done.xx

  2. I said it over there...but I think its terrific and you certainly do NOT suck at raw edge applique.
    (Yes I did think the hallway looked a little bare - now I know why!)

  3. That looks really good, Sandi. The stitching looks fine, and will be easier as you do more. I dont think that whip cracker had to do much encouraging, as you have finished that very quickly. What is your next one?

  4. Hi Sandi,
    Love your creation. It's great to join along
    with a group, always get inspiration and encouragement
    from other people.
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. Well done Sandi, you might never go back to blanket stitch lol


    Ps.... keep cracking that whip Susan.....

  6. ha ha ha that was a funny post Sandi... but it looks really good. No doubt I will get an even closer inspection next time I see you... unless you hide it away. This, however, is why I never finished my McKenna Ryan quilt...