Saturday, 7 December 2013

A UFO Finish

I was going to finish my Christmas quilt but found most of my pins still in another quilt that was sandwiched earlier.....a lot earlier.   So much earlier that one of the pins has left a rust spot on my top, that will teach me not to finish things off faster.   I had to make a choice - do I unpin the quilt sandwiched to finish the chrissy quilt or do I finish this one to put the other in my UFO pile..
Decisions, decisions...well I think I made the right choice...I finished a UFO and if I still had a TO DO LIST then I would be able to cross it off...
Sorry the photo isn't there greatest...
 A close up or two...

It is a good feeling finishing something off even if there is nowhere to hang this one up so it will get folded and added to the other finished
That's all for me - short and sweet...


  1. Oh a very sweet quilt!
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Well done! Love it! So pretty with lots of my favourite kinds of people xx

  3. Well done on finally finishing that sweet quilt Sandi - I am sure the rust mark can be removed... x