Sunday, 17 November 2013

Stitches Inc Christmas Party

Firstly let me tell you, I am yesterday, renovations during the week and the Stitches Inc Christmas Party today...and tomorrow I will be minding my 19 month old grandson, so I am planning on going to bed early...real early...
There is always one who can get into the party spirit quickly and it so happens to be one of our very own Tuesday Girls...Helen.. She is looking so festive...and you can not tell by the photo but her earings are blinking (that's so we can find her easily if she gets lost in the dark)..
 There were lots of gifts from some very talented ladies, thank you girls and yes the sugar has worn off and now I cant remember who gave me sorry but I do love them all...
 We had a secret santa and I was very fortunate to have Noela make a pressy for me...doesn't it look pretty and the contents were even prettier...
 This is what was inside...a beautiful wall hanging with matching pegs to hold it onto the hanger and a chocolate filled bon bon...I love them Noela, thank you soooo much..(I have it hanging up already).
 De made these little stars for everyone - they are kinda like origami with fabric...I don't want to unwrap mine - ever...thank you De..
We had a lucky door prize and I won second prize, but it feels more like a first place winning...My prize was a set of patterns from Ollie and Me to make a beautiful lucky am I...thank you Maree and I will try and have it done by next Christmas.. 
 Some party photos...lots of cameras in hands here...
 Not sure what they are talking about here but it looks interesting...

This is what I made for my secret santa - Jeanette...Oh no - don't you just hate that, but this is the only photo of what I gave her...I thought I took a photo of the contents but I just cant find it anywhere...
Maybe I can steal a photo from her later...
I have had a wonderful day, laughing with friends and eating heaps - Merry Christmas girls...
Well that's it for tired, good night all...sleep tight and may all your stitching dreams come true..


  1. Helen sure is in party mode............a great turn up.......lots of present from Noela..............

  2. It was such a great day wasnt it. All the gifts were gorgeous, the food was delicious, and the company was the best.

  3. Lovely post Sandi. Thanks for your company today. You girls are always such fun. Hugs......

  4. lots of lovely pics Sandi and what a fun time you all had,thankyou for sharing.xx

  5. Hi Sandi - gosh I am starting to turn green with envy, all these great pics from the Christmas parties - what a busy time you have had, but all worth it in the end! x

  6. Awesome....looks like so much fun...fantastic presents

  7. I enjoyed this party/meeting so much!
    Thanks for the little presents Sandi :)