Monday, 25 November 2013

A Win and A Birthday

No Not for me, the win is for my hubby...He took off on Friday to entertain himself in - well what ever you call it...Golf I
Anyhow he came home with these - needless to say he was very happy with has winner on it and the other has longest drive...maybe that means he had to drive along way to get
Ok enough sports..
Yesterday we hosted a 17th Birthday party for Michaela (my sons girlfriend)...would you believe my camera had a flat battery after a couple of photos, so I will have to add the ones I did get..
 The party had a pool theme, hence all the togs and casual one stage everyone was running around with leis on but I have just noticed they are nowhere in sight, maybe they were removed before getting in the pool. The party was a mixture of 17 to 23 year olds and they decided between themselves that this would be a non-alcoholic party.....I am so impressed...after watching what happens at schoolies week and then watching how well behaved these kids where, my faith in the next generation has been restored...
Well done guys, and happy birthday Michaela.....oh and by the way...Michaela is a girl after my own heart - she chose a double chocolate cake.....yum......
That's it, I have my grandson today so maybe I will get into the sewing room tomorrow...and maybe not..(mojo has not returned yet)