Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Shopping Overload...yesterday and today

Today I went to the Craft Show at Southbank (Brisbane) with Teresa...and met up with a few bloggers...
Now I hope I get this right - from left to right...Val, Teresa, Tatyana, Me, Marilyn, Noela, and behind
Lynda, Sue, Michelle and Fiona...and yes there is only food on the table in front of Teresa and myself..
 I bought a few fabrics...just a few....
I think these ones will be good for a bag...
 These ones will suit mug rugs with maybe matching project bags...
 These ones look like table runners to me....
 Some brights for something special for my grandson...
 And some odd pieces just because I feel that someday I may just NEED
 These three fabrics are wrapped up like roses...I don't know if I can bare to unfold them yet...may just look at them for a while...
 Quite a few of us bought Natalie Birds new book and I am inlove with the bag and quilt already...mmm more on the to do list....I bought some green fabric for the bag already...
 I didn't only buy fabric  - Some pretty flowered pink ribbon (I am in love with this), new scissors (ok I know they are upside down - I'm tired), some beads and a pretty tin...and a couple of paper piecing
packets (not in the photos)..
Now for yesterday...Some of The Tuesday Girls went on an outing...first to East Coast Fabrics, then to The Christmas Shack, then to Sewers world, then to lunch (needed recharging) and then finally to the local Scrapbooking about shagged afterwards...I didn't move from the lounge for about
three hours after it and was having mega thoughts about not being able to keep up today.  But here I am, I need a badge that says - I Shopped and Survived....
We all fell in love with the Christmas shop - Bring it on....I am so pumped for Christmas now - do you think October is too early to start putting up decorations?
I love this tree - Fibre Optical Lights all over it... I was going to buy it but I couldnt decide which one of the girls would have to walk so I could fit it in the car..
 Norreen and Teresa were getting very cosy with this reindeer.....nope still wont fit - who wants to walk...short straw maybe...
 Helen, myself and Norreen being silly in the shop...what you cannot hear is the Christmas music playing and you cant see the lighting flashing everywhere...oh I am in heaven...and the girls were exactly like me....are you sure it is too early to put decorations up...
Now I didn't take a photo of all my goodies from this day - I did say I was very tired, and some of them are for no peeking..
After two days of non stop shopping, chatting, laughing, etc I am totally shopped out...I do not want to buy another thing - UNLESS someone wants to go back to the Christmas shack with
It was a great day yesterday with another great day today...hello to all the bloggers I now can put a face to - It was lovely to meet everyone and that includes the ones I already know know who you are...
I have my feet up now, coffee in hand and I don't plan on moving anywhere for the next couple of hours...cheers...xx


  1. You did shop savvy Sandi...gorgeous fabrics. It was so lovely to meet you in real time and put a face to the name.
    PS...pinched the lovely piccie too.

  2. Great post Sandi. I'm so exhausted I'm still in the same spot I was in when I first text you!!!! What a super couple of days. I don't want to buy another thing though - oh except that fabric I owe you money for.... Hopeless!!! Thanks for all the fun today xx

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! I think you should go back to the Christmas Shack with a trailer in tow to fit everything in :)

  4. Some great buys SAndi,love the kiddies fabric,great that you got to catch up with bloggy friends.xx

  5. oh a great couple of days out for you.............heaps of bloggy the fabrics you brought esp the first pic what are they from??? (blue ones)

  6. Yes I love the blue fabrics too. Great to catch up. Of course, who else would have fruit and custard tarts in front of them, you girls love your sweets LOL. I had such a great day and I get to do it all again tomorrow. Hugs.....

  7. It was so great to meet you Sandi... and what a lovely lot of fabrics you found... I better shop with you next time!

  8. It was so nice to meet you (and to see that I'm not the only one who bought a lot ;) )