Friday, 5 July 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...what a week...

The Good....
This week I went on a retreat to Glenrose Patchwork at Warwick...
We all had a fabulous time, laughing, eating, sewing, are a few quick photos...
I shared a room with Teresa and was just like a slumber party - with pj's, junk food and giggles....on Tuesday night we had a Christmas in July dinner (hence the lovely headwear).

One minute we were getting ready to eat and the next most people at the table were taking foody was quite a site to see....very delicious though..

Now what on earth is Helen doing might have to ask Helen or De for more information...
I don't think you can see it but there is a lolly teeth sitting on De's car...hehehe - naughty girls...

The cabins were beautiful (I want one)...decorated with lovely quilts and has given me lots of ideas to do at home...

Even though there were lots of giggles, I did manage to get some sewing done..
A couple of cushion covers..a table runner, a wall hanging with matching cushions...

And last but not least, this beautiful little fob. Helen gave us all little pressies (in kit form) so I took advantage of the little project to practice my satin stitching...thank you Helen, I love it..

Now for the bad..........I did a little bit of are some of my purchases..
Fabric (there is more fabric still unpacked), two little ducks, some rose coasters (my favourite flower), some very pretty cake forks and spoons, some threads, and a pattern (not in the photo) .

And now for the ugly....
On the Wednesday night I found out my son-in-law (father to my grandson) and two friends had had a motorbike accident...They were on a property 14 hours west of Toowoomba with a group of people..  My son-in-law was flown to Toowoomba far he has got two broken wrists and internal bleeding (his liver has been torn in half)..There have been great discussions as to whether it was safe to move him to Brisbane Hospital or not...yesterday they took him to surgery to fix one of his wrists, the operation was meant to take 1 hour and took 4 1/2 hours...but it was successful.  Late yesterday his internal bleeding had stopped and his liver was not getting any worse (they obviously made the right choice on whether to move him or not). Today things are looking up and hopefully today or tomorrow he will be out of the ICU and deemed not critical anymore...
..The doctors have said over and over again how his bike protection gear are the only reason he is alive today.  He has no memory of the accident at all as he was knocked unconscious...One of the friends has been released from hospital already and the other will hopefully be release today. Please remind others to be careful and to wear the appropriate never know what can happen in the future..
This is what he might have left behind....a beautiful wife and a gorgeous son...

Sorry to finish on such a serious note, but if it reminds just one person to be more careful then it has been worth it...Thanks for listening....cya


  1. Great post Sandi... I hope everything goes okay today and the news just keeps on getting better and better. Let me know if I can do anything for you... on a happier note... thanks so much for being on this retreat. Man we had fun xx

  2. So good to hear your Son In Law is on the improve. Glad to see you caught Helen in the act of being naughty! Thanks for a great few days.

  3. Thanks for all the fun on our trip away. And I am very impressed with your satin stitch. It is good to hear that your son in law is mending, we could not have heard better news. And those teeth....!!!!

  4. Hope your son in law continues to improve Sandi - sounds like he has been very lucky.

  5. Oh dear i hope your SIL gets better soon ,he is so lucky Sandi,what a scare for everyone,take care.xx

  6. Sad news about your SIL. I hope he has
    a speedy recovery.
    Hugs, Anita.

  7. So Glad to hear your SIL is coming out of ICU That is Good News!
    Thanks for coming on the Retreat and You Enjoyed it.

  8. I hope you've received some good news by now Sandi.

  9. your girls sure had fun on retreat........and you got some sewing done..........lovely to meet you very briefly.........
    hope the SIL is on the mend........although sounds like a slow road........

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  11. Looks you had a great retreat. Hope you SIL is getting better. Sadly they call them donor riders. (From the mother of a dirt bike rider too)