Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Who needs rubber duckies....

When you have the real thing....
I brought the ducklings in for a swim in the bathtub so my grandson could see them playing and swimming...I don't know who had the most fun - the ducklings or my grandson...

Then he thought the shower was a great place to play hide and seek....can you see all the water on the
shower was a contest to see who (Hudson or the ducklings) could splash the most - the floor was water logged - but who cares - it was fun and it will

My husband and his sister took out first place in a golf tournament on the weekend...36 holes of golf in one day.  The only way I can relate to this is by imagining that they were stitching for 12 hours
Now for some stitchin blogging...I haven't been doing much stitching this week, mostly prep work for the Retreat to Glenrose Patchwork next week, so I am hoping to have heaps for finished projects
to show you all next week...I plan on taking some lollies with me too so I may even have some funny photos of Helen when she has had a fix....
Speaking of Helen, on Tuesdays gathering I finally remembered to take a photo of Helen's new quilt..
It is beautiful and the colours are absolutely gorgeous (the photo does not do it justice)... I won't mind at all if she leaves this one to me one day...wishful thinking   Maybe I need more lollies...

Well that will probably be it for me until I return from retreat....I will take lots of photos for you all..


  1. what a fun thing to do for your GS,congrats to your hubby and SIL,great achievement for them,love Helen's quilt,lol you and Helen on sugar fixes should be funny,have a lovely fun time girls.xx

  2. 36 holes = 12 hours of sewing!! Hah ha!!
    Have a great time at the Retreat Sandi, sounds like a bit of mischief is in store:)

  3. Lovely photos of Hudson and the ducklings. You never know your luck with Helen when lollies are involved:)