Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Tuesday Girl's House Warming

One of the Tuesday Girls, Norreen, has moved and yesterday she was the host for The Tuesday Girls get-together.  This was so we could all have a sticky beak at her new home...and get some stitching done and get some eating done...we will use any excuse to eat cake....
Some of the girls put in for a little pressy for her home...

Isn't it the most cutest clock you have ever was sooo cute in fact that I had to get one for my sewing room too...
We offered to put holes in her walls to hang it up but in the end we left that job for her hubby..
Now I am not sure why Helen (in the back ground) is laughing because I - for the life of me - can not remember anyone standing behind Norreen...something in that direction must have been funny to her.
Maybe it is time to hide the sugar from her again...

Now as mentioned in my previous post, Helen has been having trouble with a little pincushion..
today she tried to finish this previously mentioned pincushion....
She has vowed to never do one of these ever again....poor little innocent pincushion - it did nothing to her but look cute...Maybe we should ban sugar on Tuesdays....
Now Helen is refusing to smile for the camera....who would have thought that such a cute little adorable pincushion could get the better of  It was very funny to watch....
At one stage we had six hands holding onto it to get it together....I'm glad her hubby didn't walk in on us while doing this because it would have been hard to explain...

Anyway this above mentioned pincushion is probably now sitting in one very dark draw somewhere out of site and out of mind (but I have the photos to prove of its
We had a lovely day, Norreens house is beautiful, we even got to stroll around the garden (sorry no photos) and then take a peek at her hubby's collectables.  He has some of the most amazing memorabilia - Helen and myself were in awe as his collection...We have chosen where we will sit next time we come - a lovely sunny spot on her patio near a hedge of mock orange - when in flower the smell will be devine... Thanks Norreen for a wonderful day, we are looking forward to our next visit already....cheers...


  1. lol Helen is so funny,especially when she is on the sugar,lol.
    What a lovely gift you gave Norreen and love how much fun you girls have when you get together,lovely fun post Sandi.xx

  2. We did have fun again or should I say as usual.


  3. What a fantastic gift you all gave to Helen for her new home, looks like you all had a great visit with her...

  4. Love the clock - don't blame you for wanting one for your own sewing room. Also love the photo of Helen laughing - it's is beautiful.

  5. I didn't need one of those clocks (as great as it is) I have one made by the lovely Lynda for my sewing room. I hope Norreen has hers on the wall now.


  6. Soooo pretty and perfect for a sewing room

  7. It looks like you gals were having
    a great time there!
    Cheers, Anita.