Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I Don't Want To Play This Game Anymore

The Tuesday Girls....
MMM well I have no photos to put up today just a little story...
You see today The Tuesday Girls played this silly game of counting the number of UFO's we currently have on the go..
We laughed so much today - firstly bravely adding to our own lists off the top of our heads and then when we realised how long our lists were we changed tactics and dobbed in each other to make someone elses list longer than our own.
It got to the point where we were afraid to talk because it brought on some memory of a UFO that someone else may have forgotten to add to their list..
One Girl - no name - LAUREL - started with proudly stating she had only two UFO's waiting to be finished.  By the end of the day we had her up to nine.  hehehe.
Now this got pretty serious at one stage with all of us rumaging through our hosts- Helen - sewing room to find UFO's in which she may have forgotten to add to her list.
We did have rules - having an untouched kit did not count but if you have actually cut material for a project then that was added to the list as a UFO.
I think we all realised that we all have a serious problem and maybe we should join a project-aholics group somewhere.  I came away with a list of about 13 - and this number was a bit of an eye opener.
We all decided that when we got home we were to go through our boxes, draws etc and write down a factual list.  Well I have decided that I don't wont to play anymore...my total today has come to 24 so far.  Thats 24 unfinished projects with most of them being quilts. What was I thinking or is the problem that I wasn't thinking. How did this number get so big.  I did joke today about turning some of mine into cushion covers, wall hangings, bags and after looking at this pile I am seriously thinking of doing that.  We also laughed at the idea that if we did not want to finish something that we could pass it to someone else and this would be added to their UFO's list.
Surely our group is not the only group out there with this affliction...we can't possible be alone with a rediculous amount of UFO's to finish...are we??????
A second list was discussed with regards to projects we intend to start but have not done anything about except either by having purchased a pattern or book - I am too scared to even think of this list now - I just don't want to know...
And yes I can hear you all - why is she sitting here typing this blog when she could be sitting in the sewing room working on a UFO.....DENIAL...one of the first stages of learning one has a problem...lol
Well I hope you have enjoyed this little story...I am going now to put my head in the sand...lol


  1. Can you see my head in that sand?? Hehehe

  2. Yayyyy Sandi! Did you win???? :) Im sure we are all the same......not even going to count mine!

  3. my head is in the sand with you and Vicki,lol.xx

  4. There had better be a LOT of sand, I'll be there too. Yes, it surely is an eye-opener when you really look at everything you have & count it all. But seriously, if there are kits, patterns, books etc that you think you will never get around to, or things you have lost interest in, there will always be someone willing to buy or trade. At least you cannot be sitting, twiddling your thumbs! x

  5. You definitely are not alone Sandi. I was in denial for 2 years as to just how many I had, then this year I got brave and counted - way more than you have. Hehe. But I have finished 19 so far this year, so I think making the list has worked for me. Some of mine got redirected to other items, and just a few were discarded or pulled apart.

  6. I think I love this game..... my list is smaller than yours ner ner..... lol


  7. I remember the days when Helen would have NO UFO's. Funny how things change :)

  8. I think my list would be much longer as I have lots of stitcheries started. Don't worry just keep trying to cross things off your list. Hugs.....

  9. sounds like a fun game that I have NO intentions of playing with you!
    PS Helen sounds like she NEEDS some more UFOs (above)
    oh and good luck!