Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Celebrating My Birthday With The Tuesday Girls

I have just got to start this post with this......guess what I am????
I am one of those 'special' friends of Helens.  Yes I have been upgraded from Friend to Special Friend cause I got a tag now to prove it...Oh Helen you shouldn't have, it really wasn't necessary, I do know I am a special friend without the tag.....lol
It is just beautiful....and it's all MINE.....mine you hear, nobody elses.....

But thats not all....you see I was very spoilt today...or is it spoiled (I can never remember).
Norreen (she is in the background) was in a very cheeky mood and gave me this tag in which she found on her luggage the night before...she was telling us how she was looking at her suitcases and saw the tag and thought how she had to give it to me...She is looking very naughty there, isnt she..

This is what Norreen wrote on the tag...(and I kept it of course...).

This was not the only thing that Norreen gave me.  She gave me this gorgeous teapot and cup that sits on a beautiful stand...it is going to look great on my bookcase.   Sorry bunnies, easter is over, time to go back in the cupboard and let the pressies own a spot on the shelf.

Laurel made me feel very special today too...I may have mentioned that Laurel loves to bake, well she did a little baking on my behalf....A scrummy Victorian Sponge and delicious scones, all baked at home by Laurel, served with homemade Raspberry jam which her hubby had made..
I think I could move in here..

Laurel gave me this beautiful plate (more items for the bookshelf) and a lovely notepad.  I am the note queen, I write notes for everything so this will come in handy so hence it won't make it to the shelf.  I made use of the plate during the day by putting my choccies (from Helen) on it.

Perrrfect...and yummy...

I hope I haven't forgotten anything...Oh did I mention that I got a tag from Helen...I think I did but just in case - I GOT A TAG FROM HELEN - I have officially been tagged and Helen - you needn't have gone to so much trouble of making me one....NOT....lol
Thanks girls, I had a lovely day and am feeling the love (no its not from lack of sleep)...


  1. lol so funny,i knew it was coming but i was sworn to secrecy,lol,you girls are so funny,happy birthday and love the gifts you got especially the special friend tag,enjoy your day Sandi.xx

  2. It was our pleasure to give you this special day. I'm so happy you like your Special Tag.....now stop your whinging please.....

    Love your post


  3. OMG so you have 2 "special" friends now....Helen and Jenny....now I know you have a very big pot.......lol.........Happy birthday enjoy celebrating all week............

    PS sorry you have 3 friends cause we have to include Norreen too.......

    hope you have a big spoon for that big pot............lol.........

  4. Happy Birthday, looks like a great day for you!! And welcome to the Tag group..you are now officially a Tag Dag !!! xx

  5. Happy Birthday Sandi. Glad you finally got your tag from Helen. Hugs Noela.

  6. Happy Birthday looks like you had a Lovely Day with Gorgeous Gifts

  7. Oh that friendship tag is divine. Now I know what to do with the laces I've been collecting!

  8. Lovely birthday photos Sandi. I think I have the original Helen tag. She made one for me quite a few years ago..

  9. FINALY you are a special friend of Helens! Welcome to the friendship club x
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!