Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Tuesday Girl's Birthday and A First Swimming Lesson....

Norreen is our latest Birthday Girl....and guess what she is holding in her hands...could it be, it might it one of Helen's beautiful Tags.....I think it is....and doesnt she look very pleased too I might 
Norreen is not a FIS gal so we cannot take her off the 'Do Not Have One List' and put her on the 'Have One' 
I didn't get a photo of all her pressies - what was I thinking (maybe of the cake that Helen had made for the day)...  Doesn't it look has a pineapple filling with cream and pineapple on top...
OMG....I love it when the girls bake....we need more members for the Tuesday Girls because we NEED more birthdays to celebrate....maybe another mmmm 52 (that should cover one a week)..
There is a little story that goes with this cake tooo....It was Helen's husband - Gav's Birthday on Tuesday as well and you see she made us this cake and bought him a little one from
I could just imagine the look on his face when she walked out the door with this cake that was not made for him on his birthday....No she is not a mean person - his celebration was later that night, but it did sound funny.....or maybe we are just very very special friends....and now all The Tuesday Girls have a tag to prove

Now you see you don' piece left.....mmmm who should get the last no we didn't fight over it, we sent this bit home for Gav...mind you Helen did have to leave real fast before we changed our minds...

I was also the special recipient of another pressie for my birthday.
Teresa gave me this beautiful little bird for my wall unit and some gorgeous fabric  and if you look in the back ground - yes you would be right - it's - CHOCOLATE.....
Am I a lucky girl or what....don't answer  Thank you heaps Teresa (Cassie) I love my gifts and sorry choccies are already gone....

Now for some grandson pics....Today was his very first swimming lesson...My daughter and grandson got into the pool and.....Do you think he enjoyed himself ?...

I think he was the only little one there with his own cheer squad...I got to go and watch and so did his pop and his uncle....we took heaps of photo's and video's (being very careful to only catch him and Elle on film).

I think I might have to get in there with him next was great hearing him laughing and splashing...
Move over Mummy - it's Nana's

I am sorry this has been another one of my long blogs, I think I eat to much sugar and my mind just races, I sometimes have to run to keep up with it...
Or maybe it is because I am feeling alot better and can't wait to participate in the world again...I wonder if their is any cake left????  


  1. lol lovely post Sandi and your GS is so cute and he is loving his swimming lesson.
    And Helen cake looks so yummy.xx

  2. Fantastic post Sandi.....Gav did enjoy his piece of cake but now he has to explain himself to the diabetes Doctor tomorrow..... who's been a naughty boy.... Hudson is so cute, I could just eat him up....he looks as happy as he was in the cupboard lol


  3. Great post as always Sandi. No weight watchers at your Tuesday Group I see. Hugs.......

  4. Oh your hilarious, I too suffer from over excitement and enthusiasm! Don't apologise for it, I think it's wonderful, I can hear the happiness and bubbles in your post!! I totally enjoy reading your posts, you go girl!

  5. Another tag LOL.... seems Helen has LOTS of friends now!! That cake looks YUMMO!!