Monday, 1 April 2013

A Little Holiday Shopping

I have just come back from visiting relatives from Hervey Bay to Gladstone...and while away I called into a couple of know the kind......the sort where your hubby waits ever so patiently in the car while you duck inside...
The first store was at Hervey Bay - The Dew Drop In...lovely shop and I did spend a little money there..
If you look carefully then you will notice the book - Red Home - that everyone has been making their lovely projects from lately.  I have loved seeing what everyone has been making and hence just had to add this one to my collection. 

Then we travelled up to Bundaberg to visit The Quilting Shack, and to say hello to one of the Friends In Stitching girls.  This time Hubby left me there  while he took a tour around the Rum Distillery...pretty good trade if you ask me...I get to go shopping and he gets to smell rum being
I made chose a few fabrics and laces while there and low and behold I was given this lovely bag to put my purchases see apparently you get one when your a 'Special Friend' of Jenny'
The ladies at The Quilter's Shop were wonderful and even entertained my mother (non-sewer) while I got lost in the shop.  I am so sorry I have no photos of my visits to anywhere, I packed my camera for the trip but kept forgetting to get it out of the suitcase...oh well maybe next time.
Thanks again Jenny for my Friendship

The fabric and lace...can't wait to use them..

Now I did take a photo of our outing to The Town of 1770...
Hubby and youngest daughter admiring the sights...

What a pretty place..

Ok thats it for now...its been a very long weekend and I need a rest...Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a great easter...cya


  1. just waiting for the comments out the "special bag"....glad you had a nice time and got to see Jenny...

  2. Hmmmmm... I don't have a special bag from this going to get ugly like the "tags".. Loved 1770 when we visited.. Your photos are lovely