Friday, 15 March 2013

Na Na Nana Na

Eat your heart out Tassie Girls....I may not have a tag but I do have
My FRIEND Helen brought me back Chocolates from her trip down south...see she knows me well...I said I could be bought.....I am sitting here writing this with chocies at my side - and half eaten already I might add...and feeling very contented...I don't need a beautiful, fabulous, gorgeous tag (stop that - I don't need one) to know I am loved by my friend Helen...
And I am feeling extra loved tonight as my FRIEND Teresa, whom just came back from her stitching holiday in Adelaide, brought me a gift too...this beautiful charm pack....I love it  and can't wait to use it in a see Tassie Girls - can you just feel the love around
Keep your tags....we have Helen back and Teresa back...and they have


  1. Did Helen get those chocolate from Anvers? No more complaining about not getting any think you lucky duck.

  2. lol,lol,you are so funny Sandi,what wonderful friends you have,yes i could feel the love around you.xx

  3. They certainly were Anvers Roseanne, mmmmm really yummie...... only the best for those friends without a tag lol.


  4. Yeah nice gifts Sandi! But I would have to say that you really cant beat the FRIENDSHIP tag from Helen :p

  5. When the chocolates are gone, you will still need a tag Sandi. Hugs....