Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Time for a change

I have decide to change the name of my blog from Sew Moore With Sandi to Forevermoore..
I have been thinking of doing this for some time and seeing we are still early on in the year I have made the change now, before it is too late..
Sew Moore With Sandi was chosen when I worked for Homespun and Beautiful, which sadly closed its doors last year...
We have a sign out the front of our house which my husband made for me when we moved to this house and I have always loved the name so now it seems appropriate to change my blog title to suit myself as a person...I am hoping this does not confuse anyone too much...my odd sense of humour has definitely not changed.
I am going to run outside now and take a photo of my sign....that way I can put it on my blog...just hang on a tick....lol
Ok I'm back, thanks for waiting....here is my sign...I said I wouldn't be long..

While taking the photo above I realised that I have another Forevermoore sign sitting above the kitchen sink...this one was made for us by a dear friend in the sign making field, before he retired..
So I have included a photo of it as well..

And last but not least, I have finished a small Eye Spy Quilt for my grandson's 1st Birthday..I can't believe he will be one at the end of the month..Boy does time fly...

Anyhow thanks for listening once again to the ramblings of a not-so-quite-old woman...
I do hope this does not confuse anyone too much...cya


  1. Love the name change, Sandi!!

  2. i also love the name change Sandi and love the ispy quilt,well done.xx

  3. Love the name change Sandi... and I love the signs. Wish I could be with you guys today, but I'm still catching up with James and spending some time with my boys today xx

  4. A change is as good as a holiday. Love the name and love you quilt too

  5. Great name change Sandi and you didn't show me your quilt today tut tut naughty girl.


  6. Love the name and very fitting if it's suited now to your home and not the business :)

  7. I love the new name too. Happy birthday to your little one year old.

  8. Very appropriate name change Sandi. Love it. Hugs.....