Friday, 1 February 2013

Summertime and Harvest Festival

So much rain lately has given me a little head start on some of my February blocks in my TO DO LIST..
Here is Summertime - Block 2
I am loving this pattern but I am not so sure about the fabrics I am using - most of the time I am using a range called Shadowplay..I love this range but I am finding it likes to frey alittle.
This is making it hard to blanket stitch and yes girls I am hand stitching -  I know - shock horror - I never hand stitch unless I can help it, much prefer to machine blanket stitch...but there you go, something out of the ordinary for me...after all I don't think I have ever considered myself as ordinary..
Can you hear that - if you listen closely you will hear the Tuesday Girls laughing at me or should I say with

And here is Harvest Festival - Block 2
I have kept to the pattern for this one, something I am know for not doing...after all I consider patterns to be mearly guidelines and I do like to adapt things to make them my own...or is it just the rebellious side in me that doesn't like being told what to do...
Here is the needleturn block - don't look at the owls eyes (ow Helen - I suck at needleturning small circles -lol) I know practice, practice, practice....

These are the four pieced blocks that go with Block 2..

And last but not least - some more hexagon flowers...

Thats all for now, hope everyone has a great weekend....bye


  1. such beautiful work Sandi,well done.xx

  2. You have been busy. Your owl's eyes look fine to me

  3. Love your work. I haven't seen the owl one before. I looks very cute. I cannot judge your hand stitching because I hardly ever do it.

  4. Love the humour in your post...we sound a bit alike! lol...Your hexi's are cute and it doesnt matter how much I practise needleturn, mine still looks crappy!! lol

  5. I love the blue and brown together, such a nice combination. The owl eyes look fine from here! debbie xx

  6. Love all these especially the blue and brown :)