Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Day Out

Yesterday I accompanied Helen to collect her quilt - It is a  Faeries In My Garden one and at the moment I can't think of the name of it...I was having alot of trouble with my words yesterday -too much laughing, we both ended up with the sillies...
It was quite a drive to the quilter's place so of course we had to stop for refreshments at The Coffee Shop..unfortunately I didn't take any photo's at this stop but I did remember to eventually get the camera out..
We decided to drop into the Faeries In My Garden shop to see what new was happening this year and to show them the brilliant job Helen had done on their quilt..
Here we have the designer and the creator - Helen is the little one in the centre...The photo does not by any means give the quilt justice.  Maybe if we ask Helen nicely she might take some close up photos of the blocks...They were delighted at the shop to see one of their designs done to perfection and the conversations reflected their appreciation of Helen taking the time to bring it in to them..

 If I am not mistaken the quilt today will have its binding attached...if we weren't so exhausted after our day out I think Helen would have attached it last night, so my bets are on today..

Still in conversation...mmmm..don't you know how dangerous it is for someone like me to hang around tooo long in a shop like this...just as well I have fabricoholics on speed dial..

Ok time for more for a walk to the corner cafe...We were well behaved and did not order sweets. (mostly because we had dessert at the first shop).  And I did not buy one thing in Faeries In My Garden....I was a good girl - stop laughing girls, it does

On the way home we called into see one of the Tuesday Girls - Tereasa - who has had the nerve to be working most Tuesdays this year and so we have not seen her much...How dare she...doesn't she realise that Tuesday is off limits for any appointments, baby sitting and even is our sacred day...
Well that was the last straw for me, another shop full of beautiful fabrics and I am to keep behaving myself...I think not...
We were there for ages, laughing and carrying on, and pulling bolts of fabrics out of the shelves, while we caught up on everything..She has promised us that she will be back soon....

I was after some fabric to start The Christmas Story quilt.  I have not been a brights kinda fabric person and always swing towards blending my fabrics, so I am so grateful that they were there to put some fabrics together... this is what I have ended up with so far..

Now I don't know how it happened but after a little discussion on making the Christmas Quilt by Bronwyn Hayes in the current issue of Homespun - I am suddenly buying more fabric...and I thought I had my addiction under control.  Not a chance...
Helen and Tereasa put together these beautiful fabrics that would suit the project and I knew I just had to have them too...oh crap - what have I done to myself...I am definitely insane thinking I can possibly fit anything more onto my TO DO LIST...They are pretty though..

We laughed so hard on the way home at our insanity, that our words were not coming out correctly...anyone would think we had been drinking...but no that was not the case - I think we were on a high from buying more fabric.  Please don't tell Fabricoholics...
It was a great day, I loved being there when Helen's quilt was handed to her for inspection and visiting the pretty shops, and of course being able to catch up with Tereasa..and bringing home some fabrics that I really did need..
Thanks for a inviting me Helen, I was soo tired when I got home that I had to wait until today to get my thoughts out...and do take some close up photos for others to see..


  1. What a wonderful post...looks like you had the best day Sandi....

  2. It is always sew much fun spending time with the girls..
    I LOVE the fabrics for your Christmas Story Quilt.

  3. Thanks for sharing your day with us, Sandi. Sounds like it was a ripper!!!

  4. What a wonderful day you and Helen had together and nice to catch up with Tereasa. Haven't seen her for ages. Helen's quilt is beautiful, her stitching is always fantastic. Can't understand how that fabric got in your bag, have fun putting it to good use. Hugs......

  5. What a fun day! Cant believe you and Helen were so close to me and I wasnt at work :(

  6. I'm so glad you and Helen decided to pop put the biggest smile on face. Fingers crossed I'll be there on Tuesday.

  7. what an awesome day you have had. is always sooooo exciting to see a finished quilt.

  8. Hi Sandi - yes I am really going to do this Blog thing and not just be a "lurker" or is that "stalker'.
    I just put some of the FWQ blocks up - I just need to get a few more done. See you next week.