Monday, 28 January 2013

Local Flooding Update

Just went down the road to check the Mt Lindsey Highway to see if it is still open....what do you think....maybe not...
If you look in the distance on the first photo you can see the headlights of a vehicle (between the gap in the trees) hopefully just checking it out like we were...
Helen still has no power but is safe and dry and Cassie (Teresa) I am presuming is cut off because of flooded roads.  My mobile phone is not working but I have power.
Cassie do you have power?
Will let you know if anything changes....


  1. its not looking good Sandi gee if it would only rain where needed hey,stay safe.xx

  2. Horrible this side of town too!

  3. I have heard from Teresa and she is cut off on the usual road out. Is staying put today. Good to hear that you are okay, Sandi. Has anyone had an update since Jenny's last post??

  4. It look bad Sandi so stay safe and no playing in the water.