Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Just a couple of flood photos..

Yesterday Hubby and myself had another look at the local flooding...the water had risen higher than anything we have seen before in this area..
Just letting people know - we are safe, power has been restored to most homes, including Helen's and as far as I can tell no one in the area has water in their homes..
They must have built this town the right way, all our local shops are up high and no water has entered them, just loss of power and workers unable to get in..  Woollies as of yesterday had no bread or milk left but were able to function with a generator.  I am hoping the post office is open today because I have some secret sewing to post off (this is causing me a little stress - as I don't want to disappoint anyone)...We are also meant to be hosting an 18th birthday party for our son today, we have left it open to whoever can get through and hopefully I can find somewhere this morning that has party food items to feed  We have talked about cancelling it until later but most of his mates have been looking forward to a change from the floods and power problems...(His mates have been calling in for showers etc in the last couple of days seeing as we were lucky enough to keep power).  One of the downfalls (only small downfall) of living in a rural area is when the power goes out so does our pumps - this means no water, no flushing toilets, no showers, no coffees, as well as the usual problems of having no power (like all the chocolates  Anyhow the kids are in here annoying me now - Amelia starts the first day of high school today and she is excited just a lot and Jaxon and his girlfriend want to start getting things ready for his party (they have actually cleaned out his wardrobe and room) ...I will add some photos of today up much later this arve...but for now here are some more flood photo's and please don't worry about us - we are safe, dry and getting ready to party...

Anyhow, that will do for now, thank you to all for all your messages, it makes Australia seem like just a suburb with everyone close by....cya


  1. Hope the party goes well - love that they have cleaned the bedroom AND the wardrobe - the party is in there then?... Hehehe

  2. so glad you are safe Sandi,dont stress with your swap just let your swap muma know and she will pass the message on so it will still be a secret,lol,does that make sense.
    Boy that is a lot of water,its amazing the things you take for granted like power,phone,driving,it makes you stop and think,stay safe my friend and take care.xx

  3. So much water we would like just a little bit in Tassie.