Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hello 2013

Boy it only seems like yesterday that it was 2012, what fond memories of that year....lotsa laughs, stitching and gatherings....
But one cannot linger in the past, it is time to move forward..
This is how I spent the first day of 2013..
A little UFO sewing - Fernhill. I am trying to knuckle down and get this one finished...this is my progress so far..


And a little scrapbooking...
This is how my little book started its life..very plain and boring..

And this is how it looks now...I had a rosette left over from a previous project, so decided to use it as my tree top decoration...I still need to add some more binder rings to finish it off ( just couldn't think of somewhere open at 9 o'clock at night that would stock, I will add them to my list of needs on my next day out...

Here are the internal pages...



Now seeing you have made it this far, I will give you an insight as to how this creative person works..
WITH A BIG MESS....It was so hot yesterday that I closed myself off in my bedroom, turned on the TV (Wacthed "Call The Midwife" - Brilliant little series by the way, set in the 1950's), and worked in there....this is what part, and I do mean part, of what my bed looked like during my creative moment...I am sooo lucky hubby doesn't mind occassions like this..

Thats all for today, and yes the mess is cleaned what will I do today...cya


  1. Sandi you are very clever that that journal and your block,what mess,lol.xx

  2. Congratulations on getting into the mood so early in the year. Your stitching looks great and the Xmas scrapbook is wonderful as well. Would love to do one but just no time to start another hobby. Have a great day. Hugs....

  3. I work best surrounded by lots of stuff too.

  4. Sandi, I have a button on my blog that reads: Creativity is messy, and I am very creative.
    This suits the state of your bed!!
    beautiful scrap booking, and the Fern Hill is just lovely, you will finish it with style... x