Monday, 14 January 2013

Dulcie Burrows

I would like to introduce - Dulcie Burrows, she came to our home from a far away place called, Country Keepsakes...She loves spring flowers and eating easter eggs and playing hide and seek with her sister.  I  am sure she will fit in with our family perfectly and hope she feels the same way..

I have had quite indepth chats with Dulcie with regards to the bush fires and heatwave and we are hoping all our friends are safe and well....Bring on winter - we have had enough of summer.
Stay safe all...


  1. Miss Dulcie Burrows is one beautiful lady!

  2. Very cute, love the flowers between her ears. Hugs...

  3. Well hello there Dulcie Burrows...I love your pini !!

  4. Hi Sandi, love all your recent posts, you've been very busy in 2013 already.
    And hello to Dulcie Burrows too, she is a cutie :)