Monday, 10 December 2012

We Are Devo....

Yesterday hubby and I went to see DEVO  live in concert at Sirromet Wines...there were three other bands playing as well - The Models, The Church and Simple Minds, but we were there for Devo mostly..It was great..
I know I am showing my age now but I would have to say that 90% of the crowd there were over 40..and very well behaved too...
It was amazing when they sang Whip It and  It's A Beautiful World, cause everyone sang and hubby included...Talk about a trip down memory lane, and I even got to see some original mullets..yes thats right...several men were sporting the mullet hairstyle...
The were lots of people walking round with DEVO hats on..what a guy was dressed from head to toe as them...yellow trousers, yellow shirt, red hat and a beer
We had seats in the gated area in front which was purrfect cause were could get up and walk around when ever we felt like it, knowing our seats were still there..
We had a delicious wood fired pizza for lunch with some Sirromet Wine.  We are definitely going back again..

Wayne bought a shirt while we were there so he could wear it during the concert..I didn't get any photos at the concert, I kept cartage down to a minimum for the day so only took necessities..

Anyhow, now for some down to earth stuff....I am going to join in Cheryl's One Week Of Christmas,
If you want to know about it then just pop over to her blog to check it out...come on - you can do it..

Day 1 of One Week of Christmas...
I want to show you my Christmas music box...I have a couple of these and even though they are not worth much I just love I'm off to take more chrissy photos for tomorrow...

Ok thats it for now...more later....Merry Christmas everyone....


  1. Sandi i love that xmas music box.xx

  2. Very nice Sandi can't wait to check it out for real tomorrow.