Thursday, 13 December 2012

One Week of Christmas

This is the little village that sits on my wall unit - sorry the photo is very dark but I think you kinda
can see it...there is a little row of street lamps behind the buildings that turn on...I have been collecting these pieces bit by bit over the years and plan to  add more to it in the future.

 This is a little mini quilt I made for myself and one for my friend Helen's Birthday..It is a little Rosalie Quinlin stitchery that I modified into applique...

Gee these photos are pretty dark..I hope you can see to go check out who is doing the One Week of Christmas could check it out to if you like - just click here..


  1. Your village is beautiful and love Ted and your special little quilt.

  2. Love your village and wall hanging. Got your email. Will have to have a think on it and ask my hubby when he gets home. Hugs......

  3. Love your village, and the mini quilt is beautiful.

  4. LOVE the bear MiNi... he's such a cutie!! I have a village too... will you come over tomorrow to see it?
    Love your display... Merry Christmas :)