Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Turtle Tuesday

Turtle Tuesday actually happened last week and as you can see I must be a week behind, so I do apologise for this blog being late....and by the way, thanks Teresa and Helen - I hope you don't mind but I have pinched some photos from you...yeah I know - I am getting slack at taking photos too..
I will have chocolate for you next Tuesday...

Last Tuesday some of us decided to make the Turtle Pincushion from Anni Downs new book...
What a great day...Here we have Helen on the left and Teresa on the right and me in the middle..
I could put an old saying in now but I won' know the one that has to do with thorns and a  But in this case it would have to be changed to a bunch of roses and no thorns...

Here is my turtle wondering what the hell happened to his buddy..(Teresa's turtle) that what happens when you near roads...

 thats better....Teresa's turtle is looking more like himself..Doesn't he look wonderful and he even has put on a little weight since the last photo.

This little guy here is Helen's turtle...he is the mischievous one of the three...he kept trying to escape out into the garden....naughty boy....Helen raised her turtle from a mere scrap of fabric..and look what all that nurturing has become - one handsome little turtle full of so much energy that I am sure he is going to wonder off again....

What a fun day we had....this week we had Tuesday's Angels...more on that later though...cya


  1. lol,love your witty post Sandy,they look great,well done ladies.xx

  2. Very funny Miss Sandi, love it.


  3. An entertaining post Sandi! Love the pics, is it just me, or are all the turtles I've been reading about here & elsewhere BLOKES?! Lovely stitching!