Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tuesday Puddings...

Yesterday the Tuesday girls had a Tuesday Puddings day...we set the day aside to make puddings from one of last years Homespun Magazines...
I am trying to catch up with my posts...hence the catch up today...sorry if I am confusing everyone..
Three of us were making puddings...well I was trying to make one...more on that later...

Here we have from left to right...Mary, Tereasa, Teresa and Helen...I am not sure if you can see what we are eating but I didn't think we should have a sewing day called Tuesday Puddings without having puddings to actually eat...not that we need any encouragement to eat anything.

Yum...don't they look devine...chocolate pudding (ok muffins - do you know how hard it is to buy pudding this time of the year...and no I didn't have time to make them...tooo much sewing comes first..), custard and strawberries.
Anyway back to the sewing - I had a little trouble with my pudding - see I told you I have no patience in the kitchen...I spent the day sewing my pieces to find that I just couldnt get it to work...this is what my pudding looked like..
I have sewn the bottom on here but when I put the stuffing in, it wouldn't sit this is what it looked like when I did some unsewing and pulled the stuffing back out...handsome - I think

This is what it should look like....I think I have a little way to go....But I have come up with a different way of doing the base so hopefully I can show you a photo of a nice handsome pudding on another day..As you can see I may have had toooo much sugar and unpicking by this stage..
The day was not a total loss..Teresa made a lovely pudding ornament...mmmm maybe I could make one of these instead...

 Enough for now...hope you all have had a lovely week..cya next time..


  1. what fun and mischief you girls get up to,what a wonderful time you all had.xx

  2. Love Teresa's decoration - but now I really want to make the big one... pleae let us knwo what it is that is wrong . . .