Monday, 27 August 2012

Saturday Giggles

On Saturday I went off to Helens place to do a little sewing and a little sewing is all I got done...
We spent the morning laughing and being was so good, I needed a little pick me up and to spend time with friends is the best way...I did try to sew something but tears from laughing too much kept getting in the way...
Today was the first time Marilyn (non blogger but avid stalker of blogland) joined our little group...
Norreen is the one on the left laughing her head off and Marilyn is on the right...Come to think of it I dont remember anyone sewing much...

Helen was working on her Dear Santa doll, but I'm not sure why it looks like this...its looking mightly strange...words fail me...yes you heard me...speechless I am at how to describe the doll so's the big red footy looking thing with the nob sticking out of the top...

What a great day...lotsa laughs, lovely food, and great friends....and a little sewing..I didn't even take a photo of what I was stitching on the day...maybe next time..I hope you all had a lovely weekend too.
One more photo...everyone is still laughing and Helen is trying to screw her head on (her doll of course)..catchya later...


  1. i just love these sort of days,glad you all had so much fun.xx

  2. Days with friends are the best. I bet Helen was up to know good there.

  3. Oh Michelle... you should say such a thing.

    Just as well no-one knows what we were saying Sandi.... lol.


  4. I think I need one of those days...can I come around (up)?

    1. sure thing...I will put the kettle on...

  5. Oh Helen, I can just imagine...I can hear Noreen from here...miss our sewing days so much. Great photos Sandi.