Thursday, 16 August 2012

Friends Swap 2012

Wow, my parcel from Leanne came today....can't wait to open it....

F- Fabric...I can see my next dolly wearing this lovely fabric, soo pretty..

R - Runner...Leanne is very talented at quilting (I must learn to stiple)..

I - Interesting the buttons Leanne...and the butterflies are so cute..might add them to
     the dress of my next dolly...(yeah I know - I'm a little bit dolly crazy).

E - Eating...something I know a lot about...     The Before Photo...

The Two seconds after finding them photo....hehehe

N - Nanna Nap - This lovely cushion cover is for me to take my naps on...might be too pretty for that,
       the cushion - not me - I think it will look lovely on my sofa beside the window...

D - Drinks... Some lovely teas - I don't think Leanne knew this but my favourite tea is amongst     
                      them - the lemon and ginger one...and a lovely mug rug to go with them...I plan on
                      using these today..

S - Sewing - Sewing caddy with sewing supplies inside....very handy and it is already sitting beside
     my machine.....

Well I think I have put everything up..thanks Leanne for a fantastic swap and thanks Khris for organising the swap...Love my goodies...ummm have to confess...chocies are all


  1. wow Sandi what wonderful gifts you got of Leanne,lots of lovely goodies there,great swap ladies.xx

  2. So glad you like/love your gifts. It was my pleasure to be your swap partner for this year. I've just popped your gifts to me up on my blog.


  3. Awesome goodies there girls....well done...hugs Khris