Monday, 20 August 2012

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls and a Pudding

Just a quick post thismorning as I have to get ready for babysitting my grandson....
Dolls are popping up everywhere at my house....I have finished a couple that have been waiting for just the right finishing off items...
We will start with Dear Santa....

Then we have his friend and Christmas pal..The Snowman...aka White Christmas..

This one is Wishes Do Come True....There seems to be a theme happening here..have you guessed
what it is

Now this doll I did make a couple of weeks ago - actually I made two, but I couldn't post about it because I had made the second one for my Friends Swap partner - Leanne...
His name is - I Believe...don't ask me why!!

And that brings me to THE PUDDING...mmmmm

Maybe the title of this blog should have been "Four Dolls and a Pudding"  just like Four Weddings and a
Anyhow I know it is a quick blog, but time is short and I did want to get them on here...hope you all have a lovely week..lots of sewing and sunshine..and maybe a little chocolate....cya


  1. Wow Sandi they are all fantastic, you are a clever little girl.


  2. Wow Sandi they are all so yummy & I want them!! Well done, Santa is just so cute & the angel too