Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Another Little Project

I have just finished "Always Stitchin's" Sewing case...well my version of it anyway...
I, against the recommendations of my sewing buddies, made an alteration...I had the main piece of the case made but I wasn't happy with I did the unthinkable...I sliced through a layer of fabric and popped a piece of pellon inside, then covered it up with tape ribbon...Yes I know, I can see my friends shaking their heads at me...letting me know I'm crazy but it just would have bothered me and now I am contented...can you hear my purr

Tuesday Girls...Don't look at the next

And now for a little reading......I had ordered these yesterday so was pleasantly surprised when they arrived today..time for a cuppa I think...

Will cya all later...stop shaking your heads girls...   :)


  1. Sandi i love it well done and lovely books,enjoy.xx

  2. Sandi as long as you are happy with what you did, don't worry about it, it looks gorgeous. Enjoy your books... x

  3. Beautiful in the long as it works out in the end that's all that matters.

  4. Crazy girl... glad you're happy with it... but there was NOTHING wrong with it in the first place.. sigh xx I've stopped shaking my head he he

  5. Such beautiful sewing - just love the blues