Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sex on the Beach...

Now that I have your attention.....only joking....Sex On The Beach is the name of the cocktail I had at lunch when we celebrated my friend Lynne's 60th birthday.  I saw the list of cocktails on the board and just knew I had to try this one...and it was absolutely delicious.  I got a giggle out of the fact too that my husband went up and ordered it for  This is what it looked like...

This is a photo of Myself, the birthday girl-Lynne and Chrissy...What a great day...lovely food - so much food in fact that if you could believe it - I didn't even have dessert....I love days when there are lots of laughing with friends, heaps of food and realllly cool drinks...We had a little trouble getting this photo taken cause behind the camera were three husbands being

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  1. lol,it got my attention Sandi,lol.So glad you had a wonderful time.xx