Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Look what I got...

Two very special friends went to the Sydney Show and bloggers catchup on the weekend..
I didn't get to go...boohoo...maybe next year...anyway I gave them both a mission to do while they were at the show...they were both given $20 each to purchase something small for could be anything they thought I would like.  The only rules were - 1. No quilt patterns or books...I have enough unfinished quilts hanging around the house as it is...and orange fabric...don't ask me why I just don't get along with that colour at
Well this is what they brought back for me...and I'm tickled pink (not  I have already started the Turtle Pincushion...I think I might get them to shop for me more often..I will put a photo up of my finished pincushion when it is completed...
Thanks again Helen and them...


  1. good value there for $40,have fun Sandi.xx

  2. great shopping from the girls..........

  3. No books? well your friends picked a fab one for you! What a great idea, getting friends to purchase for you, good thing you didn't give them your credit card, ha...

  4. lovely things the girls picked out for you!

  5. ha ha... did you say "no books"? ha ha ha ha I'm really glad you like what we got for you. that was fun xx