Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Special Friends

Yesterday my very sneaky sewing friends produced a lovely cake and some beautiful pressies for my birthday...I did not suspect a thing because my birthday was a couple of weeks ago...We all met at Laurels beautiful home outside of Beaudesert..come to think of it, I don't really know if we can still call ourselves a sewing group...more like an eating know the sort - anti-weight watchers...
Laurel had made a lovely date and walnut cake for the day, mmmm..yummy.  But thats not all we had to eat...caramel bun topped with icing and almonds slices...philly sweet chilli dip and crackers...and not to mention we still ate our lunches...I suppose we did do a little sewing...I wish I had taken a photo of the can catch a photo or two at our group blog if you wish - Our Kinda  Wonderful - appropriate name dont you think..
Anyhow here is a photo of my pressies..thank you girls again...I was having such a wonderful time that I forgot I had to get home for my daughter when she finished school.  So I left pretty darn fast when I realised this...but I do love my gifts and my friends..


  1. Nice little stash Sandi, we did have fun even though it was late..... but better late than won't be late again thats for sure.


  2. So glad you had a lovely day Sandi xx