Monday, 2 April 2012

April Photo A Day Challenge - Day 2

Todays photo theme was - I have put alot of thought into this because being surrounded by colourful fabrics and papers and everything else, how was I to chose just one...Do I take a photo of my - at the moment - favourite piece of fabric, or do I chose something that has sentimental value, like the colour of something my kids have worn.  Do I take a photo of the colour of my favourite flower...too many things can fit into this catagory.  So after long consideration I have chosen Green...why you may ask - well I'm glad you did cause now I can tell you...Green is for all the trees and plants that I love to see when I go outside...They represent life, purity, growth, and a stack of other things...They dance when the wind blows and shelter lifes little creatures that can not shelter themselves. They shade me from the hot sun and perfume the air that I breath...they are one of lifes marvels....So Green it is...

1 comment:

  1. Awesome... I thought about buttons, threads, and fabrics too... I love your green! See you tomorrow x