Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Birthday To Me...

Well another milestone reached - I have come to realise that if I live to be 90 years old then I must be sitting ontop of that hill...half way through life...yes thats the
I am 45 today...and I think it is time for a nana nap...
I have had a pretty busy start to the day...first there was a visit to Buttons and Bows at Beenleigh where I bought some...wait for it...ta

From there we - hubby and myself - went to Sewers Delight where I got - you guessed it - more fabric...I was actually looking for a certain piece of fabric but you know how easy it is to get side tracked in these stores...I also got a little case to put knick knacks into..

Now you can work up an appetite shopping so next on the agenda was a stop at one of my favourite places - The Coffee Club...This is what I had.....yum...
When we got home this is what my 11year old had made for me...and yes there are 45 candles on the cake...may have to save this for later..bit full at the moment...but I may just fit a small slice

I was very spoilt today with more pressies too....I was given two dvd series sets...Downton Abbey and CSI series four - I have all the other CSI series but have been missing number 4 until now...woo hoo

I have two new photos for my wall...of my beautiful daughter, son-in-law and grandson...

And now I have to go cause my grandson is here and I want to play with him, maybe I will have a nana nap later....hope you all have had a great day too...cause I know I am having a great one..cya


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDI...... how come I didn't know when your special day was..... hmmmmm but I do now..... so glad you had a terrific day. Love the photos and great gifts too.... don't set the world on fire with all those candles. lol


  2. Well, well, well... you sneaky thing!!!! Not too happy with you not telling us it was your birthday!!!! It looks like you had a lovely day... Love those photos of your grandson.. just beautiful. Fabric, food and DVDs are all super.. especially that cake with the 100 candles on it (he he) ... Have a great Easter too Sandi... Will see you Tuesday week xx