Monday, 12 March 2012

What Makes Me Happy 12/03/12

What puts a smile on my face....well I guess I would have to say - taking a walk down memory lane - opening that box thats been hidden away in the far corners of the wardrobe to reveal items of ones past that may have been forgotten or saved for such an occassion...
So my blog today is about some of the things I have found in my keepsake box - not all mind you - I will have to save some for another day.

This is the little pink dress that my eldest daughter wore when she was she is a mum herself.
She wore this dress with those frilly pants - oh soooo cute...

I worked at Expo 88 in the New South Wales Pavillion for the whole 6 months it was on...what a blast that was..made heaps of friends, went to lots of parties with people from other countries..The public I dont thing realised that there was this whole other social life going on after Expo finished in the evening...they all thought that when the final float went past them during the parade that things shut down...well I can tell you that this was not the case...that was the time for the workers to party...after all we did have people visiting from all over the world and they loved Brisbane...We also got into this thing where we would swap badges - I have a few - if you look closely - sitting on the Expo book, along with my work badge...I did have more but the cute ones this kids seem to have claimed of the years...
My then husband to be, bought an annual pass so we could meet up when ever we wanted too and because he was with me, he was allowed to stay behind when the park closed's not what you know, it's who you
Here is our passes from that time in history...his is an annual pass and mine is an employee pass.
Mine is not in very good condition because of the constant decorating with badges...and stickers..etc
Boy was I young then...come to think of was hubby and check the mullet out.  lol



In my younger days I had thoughts of becoming an artist so I use to draw, paint or sketch I only have a few bits and pieces left to show for it....not sure what happened to the others...lost along our travels together I guess...but this is what I did find.

That I think will do for today...I have to warn you though, I do have heaps of other items to put up another day...thanks for joining me today while I browse memory lane..


  1. great drawings Sandi....
    love the trip down memory lane...rock on the 80s!!!!!

  2. Hi Sandi. Please tell me you are still drawing. You are so good. Just beautiful drawings. I worked at the Coummunities of Australia pavilion demonstrating pottery...haven't a clue what happened to my pass. Your little girls dress is so sweet. I enjoyed your post very much.