Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tuesday's Treasures

Today I thought I would join Melody and her Tuesday Treasures theme, this fits in with my keepsake box...so today I will post more about what I found in the box...

Costume Jewellery...The set is something I treasure a lot...It belong to my grandmother, Ivy, who I may add has this month turned 90.  The story goes something like this...My dad gave bought this for his mother with his first paycheck...approximately 55 years ago.  She passed it on to me approximately 25 years ago - I use to wear it when going out..It didn't have the hooks on the earings, I put those on, but I still have the original screw on backs.  I wish I could get a good photo of it, this doesn't do it justice, the red reflects the light beautifully...I love this piece and hope to pass it on to my children one day.

Another piece of jewellery I have is this gold watch..my father gave it to my mother when they first got married, 47 years ago...they were married for 22 years before they went there own ways and hence the reason why I have it now...you can't tell but my mother had reallly skinny wrists in those days..I can only fit three fingers through the band.  Another item I will always keep to pass on to my kids.
These earings mean the world to me..they are not worth much but they are priceless to me.  While visiting the Jimboomba Markets many years ago, my two eldest boys (then 9 and 11years) came running up to me asking for their pocket money...after giving it to them they ran off not telling me what they were up to. Always in mummy mode I got a little suspicious with this secretive behaviour but I tried not to let it get to me tooo much.  Anyhow later on when we got home they produce this little parcel for me..I was so touched that they had spent all their pocket money on buying me a present...I can never part with them, they are a little tarnished now from all the wearing but I know that no matter how many pairs of earings I own, I will never own anything as pricless as these. 

That brings me to this last piece for todays treasure...It is a bracelet  my husband bought for me when we were dating.  I use to wear it all the time...were'nt the 80's just fabulous...I think I may start wearing this again, I'm sure it has to come back in fashion one day or maybe I can be a trend setter...lol Anyhow thats enough for today...Thanks Melody for letting me share my treasures, I do realise that it is not officially running this week but I thought I would post anyway...cya next time.

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