Saturday, 3 March 2012

More Nana Photos

I have taken a heap of photos of my new grandson, Hudson Reed,  now my problem is deciding which ones to put up on my blog...I know I can't put them all up but it is tempting...

Hudson thought my camera shananagans were quite amusing, he couldn't stop watching me while I clicked away...
Here is Hudson with his Uncle James, who informs me is going to spoil his nephew lots.
Nana checking out Hudsons little hands....they are sooo cute.  He stayed awake for a whole hour for his you can imagine how many photos I have taken...I think I need a nana brag photo book to put in my bag..or maybe two....or three.


  1. Congratulations Sue he is Gorgeous and I love his New Name...

  2. Certainly has the Moore genes. You sure this bub is 4 week early??? I think our little ones are becoming more advanced as time goes on. Can't wait for a cuddle.

  3. Why not not brag I say, good for you..... he is a cutie Sandi.