Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bee Keeping Course

Hubby and I did a Bee Keeping Course on the weekend...yes I know...this has nothing to do with my grandson but I did get to see him before I went to the course.  We have always been interested in Bee Keeping and the council was running a free course so we put our hands up to do it.  The day was a success and that could also be because I got to spend the day doing something interesting with my hubby.  This is Tim Heard (below), he ran the class for the day..He is showing us how to collect the bees out of a log to be put into a hive - and yes they are alive but they are the Native Stingless Bees, so we were all safe.

Here is what inside the log looked like - the little eggs are the bees and the larger eggs are the queens - yes I know there is only one Queen but apparently they need some spares incase something happens to the Queen. 

This hive was one that was prepared earlier - like nine months earlier...This is where the tasty stuff is stored... 

During the day we were given morning tea, lunch and for afternoon tea we had...
ice-cream with freshly squeezed - lol - honey...mmm delicious...What a great day and all free, I know - not as exciting as becoming a nana but still up there as a good day. I wonder what other courses the council runs...this could be habit forming...

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  1. How interesting. It's great they give these free courses.. I would have gone just for the icecream and honey lol!!! Where's the chocolate???