Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wayne with his Boys

I know I said I would post something to do with sewing but I just couldn't help myself. ..Keelan, our eldest son, has come back home after being away for nearly two years...He plans on staying here for about 6 months, I hope longer but I will take what I can get.  I took this photo because since he has been here - all of one day - I have heard nothing but giggling and laughing and joking from him and his brothers and his dad.  I didn't realise how much they had missed him, and how much I did too.  Is so nice to have such a busy and loud household again.  

I did try to get a serious photo of them....but they just wouldnt stop mucking around, so this will just have to do...From left to right..Wayne, Keelan, Jaxon and James.

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  1. Great photo Sandi, they do look to be enjoying themselves.