Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I'M A NANA!!!!!!!!!

My beautiful daughter, Elle, gave birth to my handsome grandson thismorning at 12.02 am.  He weighed in at 8 pounds and is 51cm long.  He has his mothers dimple and his fathers blue eyes.
Did I mention that I am a Nana....Mother and Baby (no name yet) are doing wonderful...Nana - thats me - is very tired at the moment but I am not to tired to go back up to the hospital to visit him again today.
After a long labour he was born by Ceasarian Section...stubborn baby already...he just didnt want to come out into the world...Proud father, Mike, gave him his first nappy change...and he did a very good job at it too...keep up the good work.  Anyhow need to get ready for more cuddles...
Me with my grandson....Did I tell you that I'm his Nana....

Wayne with his grandson....I hope he gives him back soon...
Aunty Amelia with her Nephew.......is it my turn again.....getting impatient here.

Anyhow time to go...might get some more photos - hopefully of the three of them together...and me holding him again...cya later


  1. Congratulations NANA and also to Mum and Dad. He's a cutie.


  2. From a "Nanny" to a 'Nana" congratulations & enjoy him - he looks sooo cute.

  3. Wow,what a cutie! Congratulations Sandi - can't wait to meet him.

  4. Congratulations Sandi - he's beautiful.