Thursday, 23 February 2012

36 weeks and almost no more counting

Today I had a wonderful day out with my daughter, Elle.  This will be the last time we go out as Mother and week it will be Mother, Daughter and Grandson.  It seemed very appropriate then to start the day with mmmmm, shall I say, desert.  First port of call was the Shingle Inn - doesn't this look devine. 

Then it was off to do a little I know its early but I just couldn't help getting a couple of things for my grandsons first easter...An Easter Book and Cuddle Bunny...what was that you are saying - it's too early for easter...never. Easter is an important time of the year - one when the kids like to share their CHOCOLATE  GOODIES with us - and seeing my grandson can not eat chocolate yet then I guess I will just have to sacrifice myself and help him  oh its such a chore...not.

We spent the rest of our time checking out the toy sections, sooo can't wait to bring home toys to play with..oh ok I will share with my grandson...but it will be hard cause they look like so much fun...I already want to get him a kitchen set and farm set but I will be good and wait to christmas...maybe..We then had lunch - no photo sorry - but chicken and prawn cutlets - you know - something very healthy....After our bellies were full - mine of food and hers of baby and food we headed home where I took some profile photos  -  boy is this baby sitting all out front..
Elle looks like she has been laughing cause thats exactly what she was doing - While taking the photo I had a giggling fit - and my camera kept shaking while I was laughing, so we ended up with a lot of blurry'm glad no-one was filming us...
Time to head home for a Nana Nap --hehehehe - I will be able to say that next week and it will be true.  Great day Elle, love you

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  1. Lovely post Sandi. Elle is looking so beautiful, and that little grandson of yours is taking up a lot of room... Love the book and bunny and I definitely don't think it's too early for Easter presents he he. Love the desert too (but you already knew that!!!) Glad you had a wonderful day xx