Thursday, 9 February 2012

33 and 34 weeks and counting....

Well Elle has reached the 34 week mark and is doing well...She has had a few ups and down lately with her pregnancy and therefore the doctor has decided to bring baby on early...eta for baby will be the 26th February - 36 weeks.  Even though I know my daughter and grandson are in good hands I can't help but worry...the next two weeks cant go fast enough for me...I'm sorry my posts have not been about stitching lately..I will post something soon...

Sorry for the quality of this photo, it was taken with a mobile phone..

While compiling this blog I realised that when I look at these photos all I see is -
My Little Girl, the little girl who loved making make believe meals with her toys,
or the little girl who liked to play dress up, or the little girl who loved to read
anything she could get her hands on.....and I don't care if she is married,
 and has her own house and is having her own  baby....she is still and will always be
My Little Girl.....Love you heaps sweetheart.


  1. I just want to touch her belly. Not long now Nanna.

  2. Wow not long to go now, I hope all goes well for her. They alwasy stay our little girls I think.


  3. Lovely post Sandi... They will always be our little girls or little boys, no matter what.. That's the best part of being a Mum. She looks fantastic. Hang in there.. all 3 of you!!!xx