Sunday, 22 January 2012

Now Why Is My Sewing Machine Starting By Itself?

I was very busy today finishing off a bag I had started earlier...and my machine started up all on its own...I wonder why...just as well my fingers were elsewhere..
Our cat, Tiger, thought it would be funny to play with the peddle...mmm I think I should move her away...and when I do she decides to take my chair..
Do you think she is trying to tell me something..... Anyhow this is what I was trying to work on...

And I might add...while I was trying to take a photo of this bag..the cat tried to sit on it...I think she needs a cuddle...and TO STAY AWAY FROM THE FABRIC.....BAD KITTY.


  1. My little doggie (now passed) loved to lay under the table while I sewed and would often sit on the foot control.

  2. One of my boys was crawling under the sewing table when they were little and did the same thing... Gives you such a fright when the machine takes off by itself. Love your bag x

  3. Hi I have just found your blog and have enjoyed reading through it. I was drawn because you live in Jimboomba and we have just retired after living in the NT for 30 yrs to Mundoolun. I am trying to find a nice quilting group in the area - have you any suggestions?
    Many thanks