Monday, 2 January 2012

Goodbye 2011..Hello 2012

I have been too busy to blog lately so I will quickly go through some of the things that I have been up to..
First Amelia's 11th Birthday...
Daddy giving Amelia a kiss for cutting through to the bottom...He would want to be careful of the knife she is holding... Amelia and I went into the city to see the Myer Christmas Windows...and to check out a few other the christmas tree at city hall and some sculptures in the mall and then we ended up sitting in southbank with the lollies we scored from the lolly shop.

Christmas day - finally.....and almost an end to 2011...Here is my gang....well the kids only..
From left to right...Mike, Ellesha (and Bump), James, Amelia, Jessie, Keelan and Jaxon.  What a great day..heaps of yummy food, lotsa of laughter and all the kids home for the day...can't ask for much more.

And now for 2012...we spent the first day of the year at Coolloongatta Beach...its hard to tell I know, but the three surfers together on the left are my wonderful husband, his brother Cameron (who I might add - game me a box of locally made fudge for chrissy and yes - all gone) and Jaxon (first time surfer).  What beautiful weather and the water was devine.  The last photo I will add today is of Cameron and Wayne standing beside Cam's new letterbox which Wayne built for him...Cam has this garden in his front lawn which many people have commented about how much it looks like a burial hense the letterbox which looks like it should have the words R.I.P written on talk about a couple of jokers...

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  1. I believe we were at the exact same beach, it was a perfect day to kick of 2012. Best wishes to you and your lovely family. Yep, the jacket is still on. lol